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JLH Consulting and Public Affairs, LLC

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JLH Public Affairs offers a  wide range of lobbying services to our clients.  Our experience  includes increasing the capital construction and overall budget for the  largest higher education system in Colorado, major legislation on Colorado’s energy and environmental needs and legislation to protect businesses both small and large.  JLH Public Affairs also works with Colorado’s Congressional delegation on our clients’ needs.

Government and Regulatory Affairs: 

With years of experience, JLH Public Affairs provides our clients with effective communication with  appropriate policy makers.  JLH Public Affairs is skilled in Colorado’s  regulatory environment, our knowledge of the regulation of insurance,  utilities, securities, energy, financial institutions and professional  services assists our clients in doing business in Colorado.       

Public Affairs: 

Specializing in crisis  media management, JLH Public Affairs has experience dealing with the  media during difficult circumstances and works with our clients to  address these issues in an effective and timely manner.  Our clients are  benefited by our ability to coordinate their legislative and government  affairs message with, if needed, the message conveyed to the media.     

Local Government:  

Having  been involved in Colorado politics for many years, JLH Public Affairs  works with our clients to communicate with local government officials on  a variety of projects.  JLH Public Affairs has been involved with local  government leaders in a variety of regulatory and land use issues.